Powering Up Africa- A One-on-One with Greenserve Agrisolutions through their Business Development Executive

Solar Water Pumping for SME Farmers

The role of the social media in economic growth is undoubtedly immense. Regardless of the size of your enterprise, you surely need the social media- the broadest market for all products and services. Greenserve understands this well and in our pursuance to power up Africa through smart farming, we grab every opportunity available to empower the African farmers as we encourage more to venture in this industry of Agribusiness.

On Thursday, 30th November, 2017, Gridless Africa hosted Mr. Daniel Muhia, the Business Development Executive for Greenserve Agrisolutions on a TweetChat discussion Titled: 'Solar Water Pumping for SME Farmers.'

Here is the discussion:

Gridless Africa:  Briefly introduce us to Greenserve Agrisolutions; its vision, mission, products & services.

Greenserve Ag: Greenserve Agrisolutions is a home to innovative and sustainable farm solutions to empower the African entrepreneurial farmer, thereby increased productivity and profitability. We offer a combination of hardware and extensive before and after support services that increase productivity and profitability of African SME farmers.

Gridless Africa: Please tell us more about the Sunlight Pump, powered by solar energy including the specifications of the equipment.

Greenserve Ag: The Sunlight Pump is a highly efficient, portable solar pump for small to medium water for irrigation and domestic needs. The pump is solar-powered which reduces the CO2 emissions to zero and taps into the huge solar power potential in Africa. It is 0.5HP (375W) solar water pump with a discharge capacity of up to 45 liters per minute (Up to 2700 liters per hour) and a vertical lift of 40 meters. It has a Bluetooth user interface to monitor performance and integrated water flow and overflow sensors- this automation enhances self-protection from dry-run. Sunlight Pump can run on different panel configuration (100W-400W and has an option for battery mode. This would allow increased output up to 50,000 liters per day.

Gridless Africa: What led to the invention of Sunlight Pump?

Greenserve Ag: Many Small and medium enterprise farmers in Africa still rely on inefficient and low productive irrigation practices. A number of these farmers have adopted fuel pumps which are expensive to run and operate and contribute to increased GHGs, this aggravates the problem of climate change. Again, these labour-intensive water fetching and application techniques are often a huge burden on women and children. Sunlight pump is therefore designed to address this pain point.

Gridless Africa:  What is the relationship between Greenserve Agrisolutions and the Sunlight pump?

Greenserve Ag: Sunlight Pump is a Swiss technology owned by Ennos Ag and Greenserve Agrisolutions is the partner for ennos in Kenya.

Gridless Africa: What are the various applications Sunlight Pump?

Greenserve Ag: Sunlight Pump can be used for a wide range of applications; irrigation, drinking water supply, sanitation and hygiene – or a combination of those. Extra Solar power can charge a battery and the power can as well be utilized to run other home appliances.

Gridless Africa: What are the cost benefits of using Sunlight Pump and how much does it cost?

Greenserve Ag: Among the many advantages of Sunlight Pump is quality Swiss technology, portable and user friendly, no cost for fuel. It has a serviceable lifespan of 5 to 10 years. The pump has a payback period of about 1.5 years and about 0.5 Estimated Annual Cost compared to fuel pump. The cost varies depending on the individual country conditions but the goal is to make it affordable across Africa.

Gridless Africa:  What countries in Africa have access to Sunlight Pump?

Greenserve Ag: There are partners for Sunlight Pump in Kenya, Rwanda (Bunga Energy), Uganda, Tanzania and Burkina Faso. The intention is to reach as many SME farmers in Africa as possible.  

Gridless Africa:  Is Greenserve Agrisolutions looking for potential (Sunlight Pump) distributors in other African Countries. If yes, what is the process?

Greenserve Agrisolutions: Ennos is keen to identify the right partners in import, distribution and servicing the pumps in other African countries. Any company interested could visit or write to or for further details.

Gridless Africa:  What is Greenserve Agrisolutions’ Sunlight Pump’s strategic vision within and beyond Kenya?

Greenserve Ag: Our goal is to provide a high quality, sustainable energy solution for the water demands of Small and Medium Enterpreneurial farmers in Kenya and beyond.

Gridless Africa: What should SME Farmers in Africa take away from this session apart from learning about Sunlight Pump?

Greenserve Ag: Climate change is real and the only way to remain profitable in farming is application of climate smart solutions. Sunlight Pump is just one among other innovative solutions to productivity and profitability.

Gridless Africa: An insightful final word for SME Farmers.

Greenserve Ag: The African farmer should produce the new generation of Billionaires. #A_Farmer_should_be_rich