It Is Never About Money! In Agribusiness You Must Understand This

Do you remember a moment when you felt like the prices for food stuffs were really going up? In Kenya, we can relate this to the recent scarcity and price high rock of maize flour that was experienced in 2017. Now did you stop eating ‘ugali’ because the flour seemed to go above your usual budget?  Your resounding ‘No’ is audible in both soft and hard copy. There is absolutely none of us that has forgone eating just because they felt the food price was too high. I mean, the necessity of food in our bodies pushes us to buy food stuffs regardless of their costs. Provided we understand the value and the benefit of an item/commodity in our lives, we will be more than willing to give out our money to acquire it.

So many people have wasted much money in some non evaluated expenditures. They find themselves going for the cheap commodity with an excuse of ‘lack of money.’ By the time they realize, they have spent too much maintaining, repairing or even replacing the item- now the cliché, ‘cheap is expensive’ becomes a reality. Someone said that there is actually nobody who is too busy to spare sometimes for friendship; they only give what time they have to those they think deserve it. It is all about the value you attribute to someone or something.

This same case applies to entrepreneurial investment. If someone does not know or is ignorant of the value of something, they will not be willing to invest their money on it.  This is both a positive and negative trait. One, because it would be irresponsible of someone to buy something they don’t really understand and especially when the commodity is more expensive than what one is used to. Secondly, some people just don’t want to spend more than they have always thought should be the standard. Most of such people are afraid of change; they don’t want to tune their minds to new ventures.

Any moment you find yourself giving ‘lack of money’ as an excuse for not venturing into a certain business, sit yourself down and dig deep into you to see what exactly the reason is. Lack of money can never be quoted as the hindering factor towards an entrepreneurial investment. There is always another reason – the ‘real reason’ actually.

If you meet a person who tells you that these days they don’t take milk tea due to increase in milk prices, ask them how much they like milk (tea); how they think milk tea benefits their day; what alternative they have and why they settled for that and such similar questions. At that point, you will have realized that their problem was not primarily the cost of milk but rather their not valuing milk as much to buy it at any extra coin.

Most people use lack of money as an excuse for not been able to do some important things, not knowing that it is actually a factor that does not hold waters any day. To such a person, it might sound like a wholly valid reason but this is just because they have not given it a thought. The issue can never be money- an entrepreneur will always get the money they think they need to do what they deem important/necessary.

Entrepreneurship is all about making profits so if one’s foundation is laid down well, then profits should be foreseen from the beginning. This will act as the motivation to invest much more on new technologies. If you have been giving lack of finances as the reason as to why you cannot acquire a certain technology you require for your entrepreneurship, search yourself today. 

If you don't have it in hand, seek where you can get it from. There is always a solution