Every Human Being Is a Stakeholder in Agribusiness

Many are the times that you will encounter people who will tell you that agriculture is just ‘not their thing.’ The pride, confidence, ego and finality with which they utter these words would for sure convince you that they have nothing at all to do with agriculture.

The youth will tell you that farming and anything related to that is something they left for their parents back in the village. You could be one of these people who ‘have absolutely nothing’ to do with agriculture, be it agribusiness or subsistence farming.

Let us do a simple personal evaluation here: what did you have for breakfast? Probably there was one (if not more) of the following: a fruit, fresh juice, bread, yoghurt, cake, milk, egg, bacon, flakes, sausage, vegetables and the list continues. As you can see, there is no single one of the meals that does not involve agriculture; and that is just for breakfast. Now think of all the other meals you take before your day ends…

Like Wendell Berry puts it, “eating is an agricultural act.” In simpler terms, no human can escape agriculture. Agribusiness concerns everybody in all senses. Except for the fact that not everyone will be found in the farm doing the ‘dirty’ job, the practice involves all people, ranging from the great to the little ones regardless of one’s social status, residential region or age.

In a nutshell, this article is cementing an emphasis on the importance of agriculture and agribusiness in particular. If people continue seeing agribusiness as ‘none of their business,’ then gaining food security in Africa will be a forgotten theory. If you are not involved in agriculture directly, be sure you are involved indirectly. The best thing one can do is to ensure we support agribusiness in whatever capacity.

African Governments have a big role to play in ensuring that food security is attained. More people ought to be encouraged and inspired to get into the farm and produce foods, especially the youth. Financial institutions must come out and support farmers so that they will be able to farm smart.

Improving the infrastructure will enable farmers in the remote regions to get their farm produce to the market readily. This will eventually improve their living standards and African nations will have solved the poverty problem to a great percentage.

Now when you meet people who tell you that they have no business with agriculture or that agriculture is ‘not their thing,’ just remind them of the basic fact- everybody who eats has every business with agriculture. Agribusiness must thrive for human life to survive! We are all involved in one way or the other.